As BHP Bank on Copper, CRL Set to Launch NSW Drill Campaign

Comet Resources (ASX:CRL) is set to acquire the Barraba Copper Project, located in NSW and encompassing areas of the Peel Fault zone which hosts the historic Gulf Creek and Murchison copper mines.

High Grade Graphite Results Just the First Catalyst to Come for This ASX Junior

Comet Resources (ASX:CRL) is currently flying under the radar, but has recently delivered outstanding exploration results from its 100% owned high-grade Springdale Graphite Project.

On the Gold Road: $10M ASX Explorer Chasing $580M WA Gold Project Lookalike

Today’s Perth-based minerals hopeful is diversified, gutsy and has a memorable name that evokes a sense of nostalgia, victory and a legendary football player. Hopefully it will generate the same for investors over the coming months as they look to kick some goals of their own.

ACP’s Maiden JORC Graphite Resource is Due in the Coming Weeks

The majority of opportunistic graphite explorers that made early moves to secure favourable graphite exploration tenure have all been ASX or TSX-listed — but there is one UK-based company that wants to be part of the pecking order – Armadale Capital (LSE: ACP).

ADV’s Lithium Drilling Now Underway: Graphite to Follow

The drill bit is officially spinning at Ardiden Ltd’s (ASX: ADV) Seymour Lake Lithium Project in Canada, and it’s already drilled a successful first hole. Ultimately some 1,500m of diamond drilling will be completed, and the first hole has already intersected spodumene bearing lithium structures at a shallow depth of less than 50m.

460 Carats of Rubies Extracted at MUS Gem Field: Drilling to Come

A commercially viable quantity of rubies is already coming out of the ground at Mustang Resources’ (ASX:MUS) flagship Montepuez Ruby Project in Mozambique. Famed author Salman Rushdie once said that ‘good advice is rarer than rubies’, Rushdie obviously never visited the world-class Montepuez ruby region.

ACP Discovers High Grade Coarse Flake Graphite: On Path to Neighbours Bigger Valuation?

Small-cap investors, must be on their guard for opportunistic companies that are pursuing commodity exploration linked to future energy demand. One AIM (London Stock Exchange subsidiary) listed company, Armadale Capital (LSE:ACP) fits the bill nicely. ACP is pursuing one of the most highly anticipated resources of our times – graphite.

MUS Edging Closer to Ruby Revenues

We are hot on the heels of a commercial mustang in this edition of The Next Small Cap. We are of course talking about Mustang Resources (ASX:MUS), an aspirational gemstone and graphite explorer that despite its sub $10MN market-cap, is on track to “JORC-up” both its prime assets by Q2 2017, and move into generating revenues as soon as Q4 2016.

ACP Set for Graphite Drilling: Beside Much Larger Neighbours

There’s a thunder being heard down under. In the junior market, graphite appears to be the name of the game as ASX investors fall over themselves to reward early-stage plays seeking to take advantage of graphite’s portrayal as a material very much of the future as a part of lithium ion electric car batteries.

Near Term Ruby Revenues and Near Syrah Graphite: MUS Now Freshly Funded

Gemstones and graphite may seem an odd mix, but not when you have two projects very close to each other that give shareholders an entry point into two potentially very lucrative markets. Mustang Resources (ASX:MUS) not only has hold of a prime gemstone asset, but also has a graphite asset its exploring at the same time.

Is Graphite Set to Make Waves on the AIM?

Graphite is making headlines and creating significant market interest largely on the back of its integral part of lithium ion batteries in electric cars. The world is shifting to electric cars at a quick pace, driven by the likes of Tesla and traditional car makers fast realising that the game has changed.

VRC Set for Further Upside? Graphite Resource Bigger than $337M Magnis

$70M capped Volt Resources (ASX:VRC), previously known as Mozambi Resources, has the largest graphite resource in Tanzania by weight, bigger than the lauded $337M capped (fully diluted) Magnis Resources (ASX:MNS).

Tiny ASX Stock to Emulate $478M Neighbour in Ruby Race? Drilling Soon

This company is moving lock-stock into the world of rubies – a speculative commodity which has boomed in recent years thanks to the luxury market in China taking off quicker than a Lear Jet.

$2BN Deal Maker Bolsters ADV Team: Lithium Drilling to Start in Days

Ardiden Ltd (ASX:ADV) has stepped up the pace in its lithium and graphite hunt in Canada. It’s just bolstered its team with the recruit of high calibre deal maker Brad Boyle, who comes with a pedigree from none other than Triton Minerals (ASX:TON).

MOZ’s Graphite Resource: The Largest in Tanzania

They have been saying it for months. And now Mozambi Resources (ASX:MOZ) has lived up to its promise and potential of having the largest JORC Graphite Resource in Tanzania.

Tiny PSC is the Latest Tanzanian Graphite Entrant: Set to Emulate Peers?

The blueprint for ASX-listed graphite players in Tanzania is well established, but now there is another ASX listed entity looking to disrupt the establishment.

First Jumbo Flake Graphite, Now High Grade Lithium: ADV Grows its North American Portfolio

One of the real success stories in the commodities space over the past few years has been lithium. The metal has seen steady increases in demand despite most other commodities experiencing falls over the same period.

North American Graphite Player ADV: Drill Results Imminent

ADV is drilling its Canadian graphite play right now, testing key electromagnetic targets with the drillbit.

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