ASX Micro Cap Kicks off Canadian Lithium Drilling

Mar 21, 2017

The era of lithium exploration and production is well and truly upon us as the shift towards lithium-ion battery powered technologies accelerates. By 2030, petrol powered cars could be in the minority as petrol-power is expected to be replaced by electric powered lithium-ion batteries.

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Zinc Explorer ICG Begins Maiden Drilling Campaign in Peru

Mar 20, 2017

We’ve been tracking a particular zinc junior for a while now―our last Next Small Cap article on this company was in September last year. Its name is Inca Minerals (ASX:ICG). ICG has a portfolio of zinc projects in Peru that are making headlines and turning heads. And since September last year, a lot has happened.

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Tightly Coiled ASX Gold Explorer Drilling Right Now

Mar 10, 2017

Good things come to those who wait. Gold and copper explorers had been waiting for metals prices to lift-off from their multi-year lows for years.

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Starts Today: 3000m of Zinc Drilling by ZMI

Mar 10, 2017

Zinc of Ireland (ASX:ZMI) is a “right metal, right location and right time” type of story, having listed on the ASX in mid-2016 and quickly acquiring highly prospective zinc lead tenements –just as the zinc price hit long-term record levels.

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Is this Undervalued ASX Zinc Stock Ripe for a Re-rate?

Mar 09, 2017

Zinc, gold and silver have been three of the best performing metals over the past year, with many stocks exposed to these commodities rerating strongly over the last 12 months.

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CXO’s Lithium Discovery in the NT May be About to Get Bigger

Mar 08, 2017

‘Oh Lithium, where art thou?’ That’s the collective thinking underpinning the activities of a peloton of early lithium explorers determined to commercialise this new-age, future-dependent metal with energy storage capabilities equal to that of a hibernating bear amidst a particularly harsh winter.

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The Poly Metal ASX Play with a Torrent of Drill Related News Flow Over Coming Weeks

Mar 07, 2017

In the currently embryonic stage of the metals recovery, one ASX listed junior may represent a prudent investment as it continues to punch well above its weight. The company has three distinctly opportunistic metals projects located in Australia.

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KAI Uncover Virgin Gold Trend: Next Door to $75M Capped Big Brother

Mar 02, 2017

With some impressive gold drilling results in its back pocket, Kairos Minerals (ASX: KAI) could be on the cusp of a major gold discovery in WA. KAI has just confirmed an extensive new shallow gold zone at its Roe Hills gold project, which sits in the middle of a rapidly emerging gold province.

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Cobalt Drilling in Coming Weeks: ASX Explorer to Test 20km Strike Length

Feb 21, 2017

What most ASX investors are now waking up to is that lithium and graphite stocks are not the only way to play this growth trend. Cobalt — a hard, grey metal — is also an essential element in lithium-ion batteries.

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DEG to Acquire Gold Project Next Door: 160km of Gold Rich Strike Length

Feb 15, 2017

There’s nothing we like more than seeing small explorers raising their game in opportunistic times. De Grey Mining (ASX:DEG), an $8.6 million-capped ASX gold explorer, has expanded its gold portfolio with an option to acquire the Indee Gold Project near Port Headland in WA.

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BPH Eyes EU Roll-Out with Distinct Brain Monitoring Device

Feb 09, 2017

Changing how anaesthesia is administered and monitored in order to improve the lives of patients — before and after major surgery – could be one of the most important medical breakthroughs of our time. Considering the worsening health across Western societies as a whole, the amount of surgery being done is increasing rapidly.

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Reenergised ASX Stock Set to Revitalise Extensive Base Metals Portfolio

Feb 08, 2017

Investors and analysts alike are busy scouring the commodity plains for resource companies that tick all the desirable boxes such as commodity type, resource size, location and underlying asset prices. Companies such as today’s ASX junior explorer. This little ASX stock is gearing up to make a major purchase of a state-of-the-art nickel and copper processing plant in the mining heavy Pilbara region, and it comes with significant nickel, copper and zinc resources nearby.

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AFL Brownlow Medallist Joins IHL in Ambassador Role: Marketing Reach Now Over 1 Million

Jan 30, 2017

It may not appear like a hyper aggressive play (although aggressive play is precisely why we wear mouthguards – but we digress), yet it does have the markings of a steady and sensible one. Certainly mouthguards are a sensible precaution to take when playing high-impact sports.

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3000m of Lithium Drilling Starting Immediately: Permits are in for LRS

Jan 25, 2017

It’s the news patient Latin Resources (ASX: LRS) investors have been waiting for. Drill permits have finally been received, clearing the way for LRS to start a 3000m RC drilling campaign, across 30 prospects, in the lithium hot spot of Argentina.

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RMX Bolsters Nevada Lithium Land Package: Next Comes Drilling

Jan 24, 2017

Lithium is driving the energy industry into the future. You only have to look at the emergence of Tesla to realise just how important rechargeable lithium batteries have become. Tesla founder Elon Musk said for the company to meet its target of 500,000 cars a year, “we would basically need to absorb the entire world’s lithium-ion production”.

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Cobalt Leverage? ASX Micro Cap to Drill in Coming Weeks

Jan 17, 2017

The superalloy cobalt is one of only three naturally occurring magnetic metals, along with iron and nickel and has long been valued for its colour and its versatile properties – it’s rust resistant and retains its properties at high temperatures. Ancient civilisations used cobalt in ceramics and glass, and more recently its use has been […]

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NML Drilling Now on Aussie Gold Exploration Play: Million Ounce Potential

Dec 06, 2016

In the currently alluring gold market environment, it would seem several ASX-listed gold explorers have caught onto the coat tails of 2016’s elevated gold prices, to advance their respective projects (and potentially their shareholder’s portfolio valuations).

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€108M NASDAQ OMX Stock Set for Further Scale Up

Dec 05, 2016

Agglomeration: It is not a word you often hear, but it is quite a powerful concept when it comes to businesses building economies of scale – and one emerging company is rapidly applying it to the fragmented marketing space.

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