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Our Entry Price $ Current Price $ Current Return Highest Price $ Highest Return
$ 0.140 $ 0.130 -7% $ 0.325 132%


Vonex Limited (ASX:VN8) is an Australian telecommunications company providing innovative VoIP solutions. The company has a target audience of over 2.37 million SMEs in Australia, with a goal to connect them simply, efficiently and affordably. Vonex’s national and award-winning Channel Partner network has been key to its rise.

Why we have invested...

  • Annualised Recurring Revenue (ARR)
    • ARR has increased to $16.7 in Q1 FY21.
  • Qantas Partnership
    • Qantas Business Rewards has helped Vonex achieve Total Contract Value sales of new customer sales of $5.3M in 2020YTD +36%^ year on year.
  • Growing subscriptions
    • Hosted PBX subscriptions grew past the milestone of 40,000 users per day.
  • Oper9tor app
    • Due to its unique neutrality, this app is able to consolidate and centralise communications through a range of competing social media platforms. Commercialisation is yet to be finalise

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Latest Article

VN8’s Latest Acquisition Boosts Group ARR to Over $18M

VN8’s Latest Acquisition Boosts Group ARR to Over $18M

When we introduced award-winning telecommunications service provider Vonex Ltd (ASX:VN8) as our latest portfolio addition, it was on the back of an impressive and growing Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) base. Today, Vonex announced its ARR will continue to grow via the acquisition of telecommunications Nextel justifying our position in the company.

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