Path Cleared for ERL’s WA Gold Production: Begins Next Quarter

Oct 24, 2016

We’ve kept track of a host of gold juniors marching to market in recent months, as gold prices have bounced back to favourable levels, and previously uneconomic projects have suddenly become attractive for development once again. Empire Resources (ASX:ERL) has assembled a straightforward gold mining strategy that includes working with the likes of the $179M capped mining contractor NRW Holdings (ASX:NRH), who will undertake all open pit mining operations at ERL’s Penny’s Find gold mine.

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AVI Strike Large Gold System; Lithium Drill Results Due Next

Oct 21, 2016

Have you ever flown to or from Avalon airport in Melbourne? Unless you’re flying to a location off the beaten track, you probably haven’t. But there’s another Avalon which could be offering investors elevation of a rather different variety, once take off at its Scandinavian project sites gets underway. Avalon Minerals (ASX:AVI) has a lot going for it, and foremost is its latest gold and lithium exploration results.

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Aussie Gold Drilling in the Coming Weeks as Tiny NML Joins Exploration Rush

Oct 18, 2016

Navarre Minerals (ASX:NML) is a compact gold junior capped at only $5M that has a simple, no-frills strategy to improve shareholder value from its gold exploration over the coming weeks. NML could, in fact, be on the cusp of breaking out into a market landscape which already sees small and mid-cap gold explorers growing in value, and spot gold prices continuing to hammer out higher highs.

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Is this the Fraser Range Nickel Discovery we have been waiting for?

Oct 17, 2016

There seems to be something brewing in this little ASX explorer. This $12M capped company is exploring for massive sulphide nickel deposits in the Albany-Fraser Range, home to Sirius’ $1.8BN find, and the company has just confirmed the presence of a discrete off hole electromagnetic conductor, just 10m from where it had previously diamond drilled.

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North American Lithium and Aussie Gold: ASX Explorer Drilling Now

Oct 13, 2016

A new player in the lithium exploration space is on a mission to rapidly progress its two promising lithium projects, which can complement its 770,000 oz. Australian gold project. Not only has gold made enormous gains in 2016, but lithium has been a tremendous growth story over the past year as well, meaning this tiny company could very well have its commodity eggs in the right basket.

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Trilateral Metals Explorer SEG Strikes For Gold and Lithium

Oct 3, 2016

Base metals and precious metals have most certainly come to the fore in the last few months. Commodities as a broad asset class — and specifically metals such as gold, silver, zinc, nickel and lithium — have all felt significant bumps in the pricing stakes since the start of the year, on the back of global demand/supply machinations that are aligning in perfect harmony for Segue Resources (ASX:SEG).

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Metals Market Revival: ICG Receives More Zinc Assay Cheer

Sep 28, 2016

Our regular Next Small Cap readers will already know that we’ve been very keen on a variety of metals and resource exploration companies in recent months. Lithium, graphite and gold stocks in particular have outperformed equity benchmarks and have attracted significant investor attention, in part due to the emergence of the energy-storage revolution to be built on (and with) lithium-ion batteries.

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PSC Drill Results to Keep Coming: JORC Resource Weeks Away

Sep 22, 2016

Phew! What a ride from Prospect Resources (ASX: PSC) – one of the most successful stocks we have ever covered here at the Next Small Cap. The last time we wrote about PSC was in late June, alerting readers to the imminent lithium drilling that was to take place. PSC’s share price was just 1.7 cents, but from that point it climbed up as high as 7.4 cents…

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