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Fully Funded MPJ Reveals Big New Nickel Targets and 5,000m of Drilling in a 40km Known Fertile and 100% Owned Ultra Mafic Strike

31/07/2014 - Nickel is surging. One of the nickel plays in our portfolio may just be on the verge of a big discovery… What they have found recently has prompted them to head straight to immediate drilling. Mining Projects Group (ASX:MPJ) will soon commence 5,000m of drilling on a continuous strike of  Continue Reading »
Minera Gold Logo square

Cunning Deal Sees Tiny MIZ Set to Deliver Over $10M EBIDTA – Next Year…

23/07/2014 - Minera Gold (ASX:MIZ) have done it again, striking yet another milestone deal which is set to significantly change their course in the coming months. MIZ still remains undervalued by the market, yet it is making big waves in Peru as a gold miner, producer – and now copper and gold  Continue Reading »

Drilling Just Days Away on SEG’s Fraser Range Targets

08/07/2014 - 2,000m of aircore drilling to commence shortly in the Fraser Range… Segue Resources (ASX:SEG) is about to drill into probably the hottest exploration postcode of Australia right now. Mere months after bagging 100% stakes in swathes more high potential nickel tenements in Western Australia’s resource rich Fraser Range, SEG is  Continue Reading »

CXO Hits Big Silver and Finds New Copper Targets

07/07/2014 - One of our favourite microcap copper explorers with a silver lining just keeps on going… In Core Exploration’s (ASX:CXO) tiny sub $5M market cap comes a steady pipeline of drilling events in the Northern Territory over the coming months. CXO have been busy scouring their 100% owned Albarta Project lately,  Continue Reading »

Superstar Zambian Geo Turns Back on Corporate Life and Moves to ASX Nanocap for Potential Copper Whopper

17/06/2014 - One undiscovered ASX company has spent the last year scouring the planet for the very best copper assets in the most prolific producing regions… Exploration assets with potential for large tonnage, high grade copper, preferably owned by distressed vendors… Those close to giant, existing deposits that have somehow been missed,  Continue Reading »

NML Drills Deeper into the “Australian Andes”

15/06/2014 - It’s official. NML has now kicked off its ‘deeper’ drilling campaign, with results due in just weeks… Right now it is hunting a giant porphyry-copper deposit on its flagship ‘Eclipse’ prospect, one of its 4 porphyry targets identified in the newly uncovered Miga Arc copper belt in western Victoria. Eclipse  Continue Reading »
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MIZ Adds Yet Another String to Cash Flow Bow

05/06/2014 - MIZ are really starting to rise out from under the radar… One of the chief reasons we added them to our portfolio was because of their implied future revenue generation of US $126M compared to a market cap of just $5M AUD from their flagship Torrecillas project. We’ll explain this  Continue Reading »
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Nickel Rock Stars Working For Shares: Twiggy’s # 1 Geologist Plus Sirius Masterminds Combine in One Fraser Range Micro Cap

27/05/2014 - There is nothing like an under the radar nearology play. We have been alerted to a unique explorer, currently capped under $7 million, with chunks of land firmly entrenched in two resource rich regions. This explorer remains undiscovered, yet has 100% ownership of tenements surrounding both Sirius and Rox Resources.  Continue Reading »


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